Wednesday, May 27, 2009



Asslamualaikum once again to all readers. How are you all doing? Prepare for your midsems, as it is coming sooner than you think. So, start hitting those books and attempt the questions inside it.

Organised by the SRC, and collaborating with
English Language and Literature Student Association (ELITS) andBachelor of Education Students Association (BEDSA), the theater with the theme "Garden of Knowledge and Virtue" will be held on 3rd June 2009 at Main Auditorium, IIUM.

The objectives are simple: promoting the spirit of Islamic brotherhood ( and sisterhood for the sisters) among IIUM students, as well as propagating the Islamic values and intellectualisme through entertainment. A fresh look on dakwah, eh?

Well, SRC as well as the collaboraters wish that IIUM students can at least free up their timeslot on that day in order to attend this theater. Well, for one reason, it s as good as Istana Budaya and free. So, to join or not to join, hence the question!

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