Tuesday, May 26, 2009

:: IF '09 :: SRC ::


Assalamualaikum to all out there.

In the coming
2ND of June 2009, SRC 2008/2009 in collaboration with ARCHIMIC, International Institute for Muslim Unity (IiMU) and International Student Division, will be having an activity entitled " Remembrance of Muslims Scholars".

Before anything, let me bore all of you with something that you might learnt sometime ago. Knowledge, is the pinnacle of power. Everything is second to it. And that was what the Muslim Worlds were famous for. Due to various reasons and trickeries, we lost our "light", and became second to the Non-Muslim worlds.

Based on my simplified history, "Remembrance of Muslims Scholars" is one of the many ways to 'reincarnate' and instil the determination, zeal and understanding of knowledge into us, i.e. the IIUM students. We'll be putting
BANNER all around the different KULLIYAHS about various scholars. So, watch out for the banners people!!!

"Why?", all of you might say. And I've got an answer. Do we wish to be continued to be enslaved? Blinded? Stripped of our freedom? Well, all of this are happening, knowingly or not. Think about it. Knowledge is true power. Therfore, in order to revive our status, we need to learn, apply and improve our knowledge. And emulate those before us, who were scholars, and learnt knowledge just to gain Allah S.W.T's love. Are we doing so?

Light, can only light one place at a time, but knowledge enlightened those beyond boundaries.

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