Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Narathiwat: Where Are Their Brothers?

On June 8, 10 Muslims were murdered (including the Imam of the mosque) and 12 others were wounded in a brutal attack launched by yet-to-be-recognized gunmen in a Narathiwat's mosque while they were performing their solah (prayer). This unforgivable fatal assault come after a series of violence since a week before.

Narathiwat which is a Muslim province has been known to be in the state of fiasco since years before. Muslims were jeopardized and yet their lives seem to be taken for granted by the ruling government of Thailand.

Apparently, our condemnation towards such a grave crime is unassailable. We ask for immediate action to be implemented by Abhisit and his friends to resolve this matter. We cannot afford to see any more Muslims killed and injured without just cause in any part of the world.

We, Malaysian people should be proud of Cikgu Azmi, the President of TERAS who has tendered his endeavors in being our sole representative to express our concern and sympathy towards the victims' families in Narathiwat. He with 8 others flied to Narathiwat this morning to hand over RM 20,000 to them which he has collected just in a few days.

How about Malaysian Muslim students? Cannot we do something other than writing about their sufferings in blogs and magazines per se? Cannot we do more?

Friends! Let us move! Let us do something!

To all Muslim students in Malaysia who is or accidentally is reading this article, I would like to invite you to join my cause. We can do more. We can go to Narathiwat. Or meet our Leaders to urge them to do something. Or collect donation. Or pray for them in a Mega Solat Hajat. Or etc...

Let us move.

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