Saturday, April 18, 2009


SRC or STUDENTS' REPRESENTATIVE COUNCIL, is one of the students body, which play a vital role to cater the students’ welfare as well as to fulfill students’ rights in IIUM itself. 

Our ultimate goal is to become a leading students’ body by striving for a more conducive environment for students to develop and hence enable students to realize the mission and ideals of the university as stated in its IIICE.

Basically, SRC members are elected by the students every once a year during the campus election and there are 2 representatives from each Kulliyyah. After they won the election, SRC members will be having a shura between S-Dev in order to set up a cabinet for the new line up of SRC.

For this tenure, 29 exco members are divided between Gombak and Kuantan. There are 16 exco members in Gombak and 13 exco for Kuantan. There are seven secretariats in SRC cabinet and each secretariat has their own job scope.

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