Sunday, February 22, 2009

Join The Club::Lets enter to blog atmosphere now!

How to start blogging for dummies

1. Sign-Up with free blogging host if you want it to be free and easy..

- Many more (find out using search engines)

2.Choose a template (how you want you blog to look like)
Tips: you can change your blog template later. Find blog template in search engines for variety of designs.

3.Look for widget (fun things to add up in yer blog side)
Such as –hit counter , chat box,shout out box,clock,and etc2.

4.Put the widget in yer blog by HTML code.

5.Start posting or decorating your blog.

6.Sign –up with advertising agent like:
- widgetbucks,
- adbrite
- amazon
- e-bay
(choose which one you like!)
Tips: do not sign –up with adverlets (they are con!!)
They will never pay you ever..this is what happen to most bloggers.

7.Promote your blog.
-exchange link with other bloggers.
-advertise your blog.
-send emails.

8.for beginners,your blog should have at least 10 posting so that when visitor come,they can get a tour of what your blog is about.The more the better!!

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