Saturday, February 21, 2009


Nowdays blogging have been one of our souce of income which can become very2 gainful yet easy ,less risk,less tension,the best part is you are your own own the blog.and it’s you to grab all the chances and opportunity.

It’s up to you how you want your blog to’s in your hand.
And I’m not lying when I say that theres blogger out there who have make big sum of money..i mean BIG!!

Though blogging looks perfect to be one of the most coolest job,you must have the right strategy, and you have to be patient,not to mention to have the “passion” for your own blog.

Put in mind that you want your blog to be cool,not only in your eyes but also in others.

You must have strategy on how to promote your blog in the beginning.Expectation is good but don’t be frustrated if your blog does not hit yer’s not hard actually.But at least give some of your time for your blog.
When you first starting a blog you must spend at least 3-4 hours to complete it (with few posting/content),decided how your blog will look like.Decide what interesting topic you want you blog to have.

Some blog were made to be personal blog (writing about self and life),but still can generate income if your personal blog is interesting enough or have large number of visitor.Some blog they preferred to have topic selected such as politics, entertainment, gossips, business, general, religion, and etc2.

There will be more others intresting tips to be share later. So, watch it out ok!

[Dont be hasitate to share your idea with me and others too. (^,^)]

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